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Now, NASA has uploaded this video (link-https://youtu.be/51YYnaIWzsU) about the Einstein Ring that was captured by the infamous Hubble telescope, which ended up in my recommended page on YouTube. I looked at this and I saw a lot of scientific words that I was not familiarized with, so I wanted to research more on what an Einstein Ring was.

Image of the Einstein Ring taken by the Hubble Telescope –

This is the most complete Einstein Ring NASA had discovered!!!


What is An Einstein Ring?

So, what is an Einstein Ring? According to Einstein, it is the phenomenon (as described by Albert Einstein) when light from a galaxy or star passes through a huge object on its way to Earth, it is produced. The light is deflected due to gravitational lensing, making it appear to emanate from multiple places. The light appears as a ring when the source, lens, and observer are all perfectly aligned. The object is shaped irregularly due to gravitational lensing. The above image shows the light from a distant galaxy🌌 located in the constellation named Fornax. According to NASA, The Einstein Ring in the above image is the largest and most complete ring Einstein Rings ever discovered. The galaxy is 4 billion lights away.


Describing the Image (taken by the Hubble Telescope)

In this image, you can see the galaxy being warped into a near-perfect circle which is mind blowing to think of. This was very interesting to learn about and I hoped all of you found it interesting along with me and have taken away something from this blog. You can also share this information with your friends to amaze them.


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