Welcome back to the series where I review TEDx videos, I am not going to include takeaways as I feel that the whole context is important, and it is about a person I look up to


Since this is the 20th episode, I decided to write on someone inspirational, a magician and I am pretty sure many of you have heard of him. The man, The myth, The legend David Blaine. He is a street magician who has gone to have achieved several feats and world records that are literally IMPOSIBBLE! Like holding his breath for 17 MINUTES or being FROZEN ALIVE.


I won’t be talking much about the video as he only explains how he held his breath for 17 minutes but there are many feats accomplished by him, for example, he recently did something called ascension where he flew in the sky while holding giant balloons and he was able to go up to 10,000 feet.


In the video, David talks about his previous feats and how he wanted to hold his breath for a long time underwater, at first he wanted to try faking it like having an oxygen tank, or maybe a tube inserted but then he got an even crazier idea, to actually do it. It was painful and he lost a lot of weight, followed his diet and tons of practice. He also talked to the person who was holding the record and took his advice, David was not able to accomplish this feat and left at 6 minutes as the TV producers thought it would be too boring to see someone underwater for 7 to 8 minutes so they put handcuffs on him. He tried to complete another one which involves a chemical to flush out all the carbon di oxide and increase oxygen, the world record for that was about 16 minutes and 30 seconds, that would be hard to pull off in my opinion. With hard work and determination, David was able to achieve 17 minutes which is crazy!


I am also going to be talking about David Blain’s magic trick. His trick includes frogs or other animals like tarantulas coming from his mouth. The way he can do that is actually quite shocking and some of you may not believe, but the trick behind this trick is regurgitation, He holds the frog or any other small animal in his esophagus and regurgitates it during the act. This actually took him 6 months to master this act and he did this with 16 frogs!


About David Blain’s “Ascension act” where he rises up into the air with holding balloons and as a matter of fact he went up to 10,000+ feet which is honestly insane. This shows how much hard work went into this and also the bravery and determination of David


David is truly a role model to people who want to do more than they can do, pushing physical limits to enjoy the trill of the chase and reap the reward, David is a symbol of passion, determination and everything can be achieved but it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and effort to achieve possibilities beyond our wildest dreams.



Thank you, for reading this episode and I wanted to make this special as this was the 20th episode, another milestone. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I will be uploading more articles and all of them might not have takeaways, but they still will be interesting and inspirational


Link for the video- https://youtu.be/XFnGhrC_3Gs



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