Social media has been buzzing with the term ‘meta’ or ‘metaverse.’ I see so many organizations trying to grapple with this and make themselves relevant in the new world that is going to be created. I am writing this article because I got very excited about this and wanted to share my views. In a nutshell, the metaverse is the evolution of technology, essentially the next step towards our future. It is a network of 3d virtual worlds that people can alter to their preference. It is an iteration of the internet as a single, universal world according to futurism and making fiction close to reality. This image of the metaverse might not be as far as you may think. However, the technology is available and fast-moving than we think. We all have experienced Virtual reality using VR headsets across various platforms – gaming, entertainment, sports, and many more. We also have gesture control watches, like the HUG innovations smartwatches (built by my dad), that enabled better consumer interaction with the VR world. The metaverse, although unusual to us, has many impacts. It can revolutionize communication, education, economy, and how could I not forget – Gaming. A problem that arises is as we spend more time in the metaverse, this causes psychological issues where we find ourselves living two different lives. Soon, we might see no difference, and the metaverse could become exactly like real life. We may not know the difference if we live in the metaverse or the real world. We might think we are as invincible in the metaverse as real life. Spending more time in the metaverse can cause us to completely lose our senses, which can cause problems to the human body. So here comes my perspective. What do I want in the metaverse? I want to travel worlds, learn about different cultures, and explore things sitting in the comfort of my home. I want to create my world the way I want it to function, the way I want it to be. I would also like a better gaming experience for all the gamers and e-sport players out there. I believe we can reach this, see technology advance over the last century, and continue to grow. Companies are making more powerful devices, and computing power limits are being pushed every day. I hope to see this future one day, and only time will tell if the metaverse is a boon or a curse.


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September 2023